Capital Confections

Traditional Confections!

One-Pound Assortment

Capital Confections’ one-pound assortment is filled with chocolate creams, vanilla caramels, nut clusters, and available chocolates fresh from our kitchen. Pictured here are milk choc. caramels, dark vanilla creams and maple creams, almond toffee, cordial cherries, and lemon shortbread bites.


2-Pound Assortment

Two pounds of assorted chocolates. Pictured here are 2-layers of milk chocolate caramels, vanilla creams, nougats, coridal cherries, fudge meltaways, nut clusters and almond toffee.


Three-Pound Traditional Assortment.

Three pounds of assorted traditional chocolates which may include vanilla creams, chocolate creams, vanilla caramels, fudge meltaways, nut clusters and toffee.


The Five Pounder

Five pounds of assorted traditional chocolates.


Looking for maple creams, buttercreams, chocolate caramels and all your favorites?  Come in for mouth-watering surprises.  They are all here at Capital Confections.  Don’t miss our nut clusters with rich, creamy caramel.  We offer pecan, almond, macadamia or cashew.  This traditional “turtle-like” favorite comes alive in high-quality chocolate dipped in our kitchen.

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Capital Confections